Baijia International Group as a leader in the maternity care industry is jointly invested by Morgan Stanley, Blue Point and others. Guided the philosophy of “Advocate Natural Birth, Enjoy International Medical Care”, Baijia has been successfully operating more than 20 medical institutions in China. The Annual Birth Rate are more than 20,000 every year, we also provide antenatal ultra-sonic diagnosis for more than 270,000 fetuses each year, help to examine and evaluate the conditions of their health development. Among this we have the fetal malformation and birth defect screening about 4000 cases per year, as high as 1.5%-1.9%. It can provide the evidence based data to determine fetal growth and development.

  In the Yangtze River Delta, Zhujiang River Delta and Central City Groups, Baijia has extensive social visibility and reputation. Conca, Muriqui, Lin Hao, Kim Young-Gwon and other celebrities, their wives and some consul Mrs of other countries have chosen Baijia to give birth.

  Wuxi Baijia Maternty Hospital as one of the Baijia Maternity Care Flagship Hospitals, is a High-end medical institution for women and children’s health, The hospital has obstetrical clinic、gynecology clinic、neonatal clinic、maternity club、assisted re-productive clinic、general medical care and provide face to face service for patients, make sure their privacy and safety. Also followed by JCI international Medical Standards and provide Customer-oriented 3H Medical Service, which integrates the hotel-style service with a touch of homey warmth. Every special service brings you the happiness and healthy life; include membership management, appointment service, Private health plan, LDR and water birth.

  Wuxi Baijia Maternity Hospital, which occupying an area of nearly 40000㎡, include 6 laminar flow operating rooms (10,000level) and 5 laminar flow operating rooms (1000 level). We offer 90 inpatient beds, 9 newborn observation beds, 6 LDR rooms, baby SPA and medical postnatal recovery rooms which include one to one clinic and video room, also have yoga room, music café, Baijia Mothers’ College, multi-faith room, etc. Baijia hospitals also have advanced medical system and international skills of U.S. GE-E8/730 4D ultrasound expert version, etc. all of these are in order to provide safe, professional, and cultural medical care for you.